Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obama: Hypocrite S.O.B.!!!!

The hypocritical bastard! Let's see: Obammy and his liberal cronies have raped the tax paying public. Given billions of tax dollars away to companies that turn around and give MILLIONS in bonuses to the very sons of bitches that drove the companies into the ground and caused people to lose their life savings. They (congress, Obammy, and the rest of their ilk) flew spouses, children, etc to Copenhagen for the bullshit climate talks to discuss a solution for the totally NON-EXISTENT "Global Warming" , costing tax payers $$$ millions $$$ again. Bitch Pelosi gets to fly around far too often on Air Force jets living it up on our dime enjoying fine food and booz.
Yet the arrogant ass has the nerve to chastise us, the tax-payers, about how we need to be more judicial in our spending??

Up Yours Obama!

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